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Oklahoma City Digital Signs


Are you looking for signage that is remarkable at first glance? The type that consumers can quickly recognize and remember with its layout alone? If you do, this is the sign you are looking for and need to go after.

custom digital message center pole sign

Rebel Sign Company is a local all-rounder signage company that will surely meet your signage needs and goals. The digital signs we offer are dynamic and attractive, ready to capture the eyes and hearts of your target audience!

Our signage is the type that highlights your business personality and the unique branding of your enterprise. With our digital signs, you can inform consumers of the latest trends, fully showcase the products and services you offered, advertise your upcoming promos and sales, and announce your business’ opening hours, among others. You can do so much with a digital sign, and it is a perfect means to increase your business’ visibility.

As an all-rounder signage company, we do not only design and craft the signage, but you can also count on us when it comes to installation, repair, and maintenance. We are in full control of the whole procedure, including the pre- and post-process of the products. For a digital sign fit with your budget, standard, and timeline, we are the best choice in Oklahoma City.

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Dynamic, Attractive Digital Signs

custom digital message center gas station monumentTechnology has found a way to convert conventional business signs to a high-tech and improved version that will further cater to customers’ needs. This breakthrough came in the form of digital signs.

When it comes to marketing, practically nothing can beat a digital sign. Its dynamic mode and attractive appearance can certainly capture potential consumers and engage them in the content presented in the signage. This is a strategy that is highly effective in promoting your brand, products, services, promos, and sales. This will also effectively put your business personality forward.

Digital sign is prevalent among all kinds of businesses—regardless of the industries they’re in—because it is proven efficient for endorsement purposes. For instance, digital message centers and displays ease a gas station’s update for daily fuel prices, tobacco, refreshment products, and many others to increase customer foot traffic. Even local pharmacies benefit from using digital signs and displays. This type of sign can help better promote the products that are necessary for healthcare, even when temperature and seasons change. Unlike traditional signs, the content of digital signs does not fade after being used for countless of times and undergoing abrupt weather changes. With that said, digital signs are durable enough to stay effective in an extended period.

Digital signs also offer a variety of ways to promote your business. Despite being an obvious advantage, these varieties may also present difficulty in choosing which one is best for your business. Fortunately, here in Rebel Sign Company, our digital sign experts are thrilled to assist you in purchasing the one that suits your brand best.

Rest assured, we will help elevate your business and help you attract more customers, keep your patrons, and even win over customers from other businesses.

Outdoor Digital Displays

lighted digital message center pole signRebel Sign Company is a trusted provider of durable and captivating digital message centers. With our products, you won’t have a problem seizing the attention of all passersby, even in the midst of the crowd of stores around. Whatever the weather is, our digital signs keep their promise of attracting potential customers with the marketing information it provides.

Display your business name, brand, logo, and all necessary information through an LCD, LED, or projection signs. Rebel Sign Company guarantees that we can pull off whatever digital display sign ideal for your business to stand out from nearby establishments, surpass a business rival, and successfully promote offered products and services.

Our creative signage artists can talk over concepts, ideas, and goals that you have while considering your location, target audience, and close competitors. If you want a certified efficient promotional sign, do not hesitate to contact us.

Indoor Digital Displays

custom digital menu board

Take the wonderful function of digital displays into the comfort of your establishment. Digital signs and displays function equally great when taken indoors. Through digital displays of images and information—with video streaming and the likes—it sets an engaging, interactive, and fun atmosphere in your business spaces.

You can use indoor digital signs in your office lounge, museums, retail stores, hotels, stadiums, transportation, reception and waiting areas, and restaurants, among many others. It is also great for navigation purposes as it effortlessly guides people in locating facilities and rooms through digital wayfinding instructions.

Rebel Sign Company is truly the ideal company to work with to unleash your business’ competency and expertise. Our team of talented signage experts can show off how our digital signs differ from typical digital signage providers. We are also fervent to present to you what we are capable of to help your business appear more professional in the eye of consumers through our digital sign options. Rest assured, we will take your business and your customer’s experience to an even higher level.

Additionally, as much as we care for your business and customers, we also extend our care to the environment by utilizing eco-friendly and sustainable materials and economical machinery. With us, you get to save not only your time and money but also the planet we live in.

We’re not only helping you; you also help us protect our planet by choosing to patronize our business. Get all these and more for a price cut for your budget!

Full-Service Sign Company

custom lighted digital message board pole signAs a full-service signage company in Oklahoma City, we handle every aspect of signage production. From the conceptualization of layout, the creation of design, manufacturing of the digital signage, installation of the product, up to repair and maintenance, we got you covered.

So during your free initial signage consultation, we want to be familiar with your business by asking for some necessary details. This is for us to formulate a concept that perfectly matches your business personality. We’ll also create sample signage to show you how the end product will look and function in your area.

Be assured that our products are all personalized to feature your business’s brand and offerings, ensuring that it aligns with your business goals and needs. So if there’s still anything you want to modify, do not hesitate to tap us to change it right away.

Once the final blueprint is approved, our manufacturing team will be on the move to produce your signage by preparing all the needed individual materials to develop the product. After it is done, our installation crew will promptly go to your location and do finish the job. They will be the ones handling every installation step, including the electrical aspects. Once finished, they will inform you of how your digital signage works.

As the top sign service provider in Oklahoma City, Rebel Sign Company is proud to house our teams of professional, creative, and diligent graphic artists, manufactures, installers, and repair and maintenance crew that are always ready to serve you. We are a full-package company that offers you everything you can need, leaving none of your business goals left unattended.

Free Digital Sign Consultation

Rebel Sign Company is the perfect choice for a digital sign that can reach new heights for your business. We provide excellent customer support, signage solutions that are cut above the rest, and a reliable buddy throughout the process.

Once you start working with us, you will see why we are the most trusted local signage provider in Oklahoma City. We never leave anyone unsatisfied.

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