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Commercial Building Signs
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Commercial Building Signs


The facade of your building is typically the first impression many of your customers or clients see.

At Rebel Sign Company, we make sure that impression is an outstanding one!

If you want to set your business apart from other businesses in your area, you need a high-quality exterior building sign. These signs inform visitors of the location of your business, attract business and increase your profits. Whether you are looking to gain more business through promotional signs or build your business branding using your logo, Rebel Sign Company will design, fabricate and install your business signs.

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The Right Sign for Your Business

Commercial Building Signs building sign 300x200The type of business that you have can affect the type of sign you use. Your brand personality, your competitors, your location, your target audience and your budget will all play a part in determining the best sign for your business.

Our building sign consultants are here for you and will do an onsite evaluation of your building and measure your space before recommending the sign and materials that will be best suited for your business. Our team of experts will be with you each step of the way from the initial evaluation through the final installation, including the design of your sign and the fabrication of your sign. Additionally, we are here for you should you need to obtain permits for your signs, need maintenance done on your sign or even repairs done to your sign.

Types of Building Signs

Commercial Building Signs wall sign 1 300x169When it comes to types of signs, there are a few that are typically recommended for businesses just like yours. Your location and the type of your business can determine the best type of sign for your business. In addition to this, signs may be used to help you stand out from the crowd by contrasting with other signs in the area or complementing the buildings in the area.

Each sign we make is custom crafted according to the customer’s specifications. This means even if you are using complementary signs similar to other businesses in the area, your sign will still be unique and eye-catching.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Commercial Building Signs channel letter building storefront outdoor 300x205Channel letters dimension signs are a popular choice because they are versatile and offer a number of options, including color, style and font. Channel and dimensional letters come in numbers and letters. In addition to this, we can custom design logos and shapes to help personalize your sign. This type of sign is perfect for manufacturing facilities and retail stores due to the ability to customize the sign and the durability of the sign. Channel letters are placed on a transparent face that contains a light inside. Dimensional letters, on the other hand, use a single sheet of metal or acrylic that is backlit to draw attention.

Lighted Signs

Commercial Building Signs lighted sign 300x174Lighted signs help customers see your business in the daytime and nighttime. Many different types of signs can be lit or backlit, including channel letter signs. Another option is a cabinet sign that contains a light on the inside. Lighted signs are the best choice for businesses that are open during the nighttime, including bars, restaurants, retail stores, conveniences stores, theaters and gas stations. Lighted signs increase your business’s visibility, no matter the time of day.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs & Blade Signs

Commercial Building Signs barden projection building outdoor storefront sign 300x203A hanging sign, also known as a blade sign or projecting sign, hangs perpendicularly from your building rather than attaching flat against the building. These types of signs can be backlit using a cabinet design or they may be made of durable high-density urethane foam, metal or wood. This type of sign is great at directing foot traffic and are often used along with a storefront sign or directional sign to help customers locate a business that is housed within another business, such as a private investigator inside a bookstore or a bank.

Canopy and Awning Signs

Commercial Building Signs storefront awning 4 300x179Awning signs can perform in two different ways. First, it helps guest identify the business. Secondly, it can help protect your storefront. Awning signs use a metal frame that is covered in canvas or another type of fabric. Additionally, metal can be used to manufacture an awning sign. The choice of the material will depend on your budget and specifications. We will recommend the best products to extend the lifetime of the sign while keeping your budget in mind. Awnings help to give a business a boutique-feel while providing protection against the elements.

Free Building Sign Consultations

Rebel Sign Company wants to work with you to design, fabricate and install the best sign for your business. We understand how important it is to choose the right sign to attract customer and client attention.

Call Rebel Sign Company at (405) 546-2733 for your Free Consultation with a Building Signs Expert!