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Newalla Vehicle Wraps


Easy to spot and hard to forget, a vehicle wrap leaves a lasting impression. And while your marketing team may love the visual branding boost of car wraps, you’ll love the return on investment made for your ‘rolling billboard’.

Custom Fleet Vehicle WrapRebel Sign Company in Newalla, OK offers multiple options for vehicle wraps and graphics, ranging from a full wrap to an individual graphic element. These options include car wraps, custom auto wraps, trailer graphics, boat wraps, food truck wraps, jetski wraps, and more – practically any vehicle can be customized in some way!

Each project starts with a free consultation. Schedule your appointment with a sign expert today by calling Rebel Sign Company at (405) 546-2733!

FAQ: Vehicle Wrapping

Will a wrap damage my vehicle?

Lawncare custom truck wrapThe short answer is, most likely not. If your vehicle is free of paint chips or damage, vinyl wraps can be easily removed when needed. Before installation, we will ask you to ensure that the surface of the vehicle to be wrapped is free of dirt, debris, wax, and other agents that may prohibit the successful application of vinyl.

In some cases and weather conditions, vinyl wrapping can actually help protect a vehicle. A full vinyl wrap offers protection from road wear, snow and ice, and minor scratches.

What kind of material is used to produce a vehicle wrap?

We make craft our vehicle wraps from high-quality, extremely durable vinyl. This versatile material allows for appealing full-color graphics. A laminate finish is applied to the vinyl to help protect it from nicks and UV damage.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?

Depending on the type of vinyl and level of wrapping you choose, a vehicle wrap can last from 1-5 years.

Can you wrap my specialty vehicle?

Custom Boat Wrap by Fairchild Signs Oklahoma City Sign CompanyAbsolutely!

During the design phase of your vehicle wrap, a designer from Rebel Sign Company will take measurements of the vehicle to be wrapped. It’s not a problem for our team to wrap a unique vehicle – in fact, we welcome the challenge!

Whether you need a tour bus, yacht, or fleet of smart cars wrapped, we can handle any unique request you throw our way!

Do I have to install the wrap myself?

Bus WrapNo!

We have specially trained staff who are experts at installing vehicle wraps. In some instances, such as an auto door magnet or a small vinyl decal, it’s appropriate for a customer to install an auto graphic themselves.

But the installation of a full or partial vehicle wrap is best left to a professional! Rebel Sign Company includes installation in our automobile wrapping services.

Why should I invest in a vehicle wrap?

Fleet Wrap

There are two great reasons we feel a business should consider a vehicle wrap. First, for companies that rely on an automobile or truck to conduct their business, a vehicle graphic creates instant professionalism for their fleet. These businesses may or may not have a storefront open to the public, such as a plumber, landscaper, or contractor. If you own a business that delivers services directly to a client, your best chance at improving visibility is a vehicle wrap.

Secondly, businesses that invest in vehicle wrapping love the return on investment. A wrapped automobile never stops advertising your business – whether in transit or parked for lunch! This continual messaging is a major benefit to businesses, especially in an age when it can be hard to get in front of potential clients.

Vehicle wrapping is versatile, and Rebel Sign Company can easily accommodate your budget.

Wraps Benefit Your Business

Besides being visually appealing, a vehicle wrap can relay vital business information to customers!

Vehicle Graphic

With their eyes on the roads, drivers are a captive audience for businesses looking to mobilize their advertising strategy. A study conducted by the ad agency RYP & Becker Group found that 97% of survey respondents could remember an ad seen on a truck. Furthermore, in the same study, 97% of survey respondents felt fleet graphics were more impactful than billboards.

Investing in vehicle wraps or fleet graphics just makes good marketing sense. View some of our automobile wraps below:

Want to know more? Rebel Sign Company offers a free consultation – Schedule yours today by calling us at (405) 546-2733!

Types of Vehicle Wraps

Rebel Sign Company can customize your vehicle wrap, from full to partial to individual car graphics!

Newalla Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap optionsWhat does a full vehicle wrap mean, and what’s the difference between vinyl graphics and a partial wrap? At Rebel Sign Company, we are able to blend various vehicle wrap options to create a unique branded solution for your fleet. Read on to find out more about the different levels of vehicle wrapping that we offer!

Full Wraps

Food Truck Wrap

A full vehicle wrap provides seamless coverage to your van, truck, or automobile!

Our designers will take full measurements of your vehicle and create a design that wraps your vehicle perfectly. A full vehicle wrap offers great protection for fleet vehicles or company cars, and it can be fully customized to brand standards.

A full vehicle wrap offers great protection for fleet vehicles or company cars, and it can be fully customized to brand standards.

Car Wrap

A full vehicle wrap can give the ‘biggest bang for your buck’ so to speak, providing a completely customized advertising space for a vehicle.

And for some clients, such as food trucks, a full truck wrap may create a sense of atmosphere for their customers who – rather than sitting indoors in a restaurant – may be chowing down right near the food truck.

Tell potential customers what your business is all about with a full vehicle wrap!

Partial Wraps

Fleet Vehicle Van WrapA partial vehicle wrap provides 30-70% coverage on your vehicle. A partially wrapped automobile is a great economical option for clients looking to customize entire fleets or singular vehicles. The vehicle wrap design team at Rebel Sign Company can design a partial wrap that integrates so well with your vehicle’s existing paint, it’s hard to tell what’s wrapped and what isn’t! Fully colored and highly durable, our partial vehicle wraps can often be installed in less than a day.

Vinyl Graphics

Maybe a full-colored wrap isn’t the right option for you. In that case, the team at Rebel Sign Company can come up with an alternative solution for you in the form of vehicle vinyl graphics.

Vinyl LetteringWe can take individual graphic elements, craft them from highly durable vinyl, and install them on your vehicle.

It’s fairly easy – and economical- to change out vinyl graphics, which is great for businesses who may have revolving information on their fleet vehicles (like employee numbers or email addresses). We can work with you to design the perfect solution for all of your temporary vehicle graphics or needs, and can also create vehicle magnets, depending on your needs and budget.

What to Expect When Working With Rebel Sign Company

As a highly-rated vehicle wraps specialist working in Newalla, here’s what you can expect when working with Rebel Sign Company.

Professionalism is our motto! We’ve streamlined the vehicle wraps process to ensure that your project runs smoothly – whether it’s a vehicle wrap for business or vinyl graphics for an entire fleet!

Vehicle WrapOur first step is a meeting with a vehicle wraps specialist. During this consultation, which is offered at no charge, we can fully identify the scope of your project, take measurements, and make recommendations. You can schedule this initial consultation by calling us today at (405) 546-2733.

After this initial meeting, a member of our vehicle wrap design team will create a custom vehicle wrap design for you. This process will likely involve art file exchanges and open communication between you and our staff. Before moving into production, you will receive a ‘proof’ of your vehicle wrap to approve. We want to ensure you are please with the result!

Next, our sign fabricators will create your vehicle wrap in-house, right here in Newalla. This process moves fairly swiftly, and our fabricators are quick to employ practices that reduce waste and ensure durability of the finished automobile wrap. This includes applying laminates that help protect your vehicle wrap from road wear.

Lastly, a specialized technician will install your vehicle wrap. As mentioned in our FAQ, it’s important that the vehicle(s) to be wrapped are clean and free of debris. During installation, our technicians will carefully and thoroughly apply your finished vehicle wrap. The time for this phase can vary from project, but we will always do our best to honor requested turn-around times.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation!

The first step is free – and easy! Call Rebel Sign Company today at (405) 546-2733 to schedule your free consultation.