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Nicoma Park Outdoor Signs


Rebel Sign Company provides our customers with a full range of outdoor sign product options, including blade signs, dimensional signs, hanging signs, LED signs, pole signs, and more!

Custom Storefront Sign with Perforated Vinyl Privacy FilmWe scour product offerings to source only highest-quality materials for our clients. Why? Because an exterior sign is a long-term investment – one that Rebel Sign Company wants you to be happy with for years to come!

Based in Nicoma Park, we can recommend materials to you that meet the needs of the exterior environment, taking into account special weather conditions as well as local regulations.

Did you know that 46% of potential customers learn about a business from storefront signage (sourced from the International Sign Association). That’s a pretty impressive statistic, and one that you cannot afford to overlook.

Let’s get started on your exterior sign project today! The first step is a FREE consultation, which you can schedule by calling Rebel Sign Company at (405) 546-2733!

Tips When Selecting Exterior Signage

We get it – exterior signage can be an overwhelming endeavor! Rebel Sign Company will handle all the details of your outdoor signage project. Here are some top considerations when selecting exterior signage:Pylon Sign Tenant sign

Placement is Key.

Before you consider what type of sign you need, it is helpful to consider where your sign will go. Certain signs require certain storefront ‘real estate’. For example, a sidewalk sign requires just that – sidewalk easement (space outside of traffic flow) for your sign to be displayed. A blade sign takes up far less space on a storefront than a channel letter sign. And a pole sign may be a better option on a site with space constrictions.

If you aren’t sure on sign placement, we are happy to help assess this during your FREE evaluation, which can be scheduled by calling us at (405) 546-2733.

Take Advantage of Newfound Advertising Space!

Storefront signs account for 46% of walk-in business.Need to increase your advertising space? Look no further than your storefront! An exterior sign is more than just a sign – it serves as a marker for your business, gaining the attention of passerbys!

An attention-grabbing sign doesn’t always have to be flashy – it can be tastefully designed and expertly executed to establish a brand presence in your local area. Our sign design team is ready and willing to guide you through the considerations that need to be taking when trying to attract new business through exterior signs.

Research Any Restrictions or Local Ordinances.

Awning Sign

Some of our client’s businesses are located in areas of Nicoma Park, OK with strict specifications that pertain to outdoor signage. It’s helpful to research any such regulations or sign ordinances at the start of a project. During your FREE consultation, a sign expert will assist you in understanding how these ordinances may affect your sign project. Our design, manufacturing, and installation teams are comfortable working with and adhering to local sign ordinances.

A Sign For Every Business Type

Rebel Sign Company boasts a broad range of outdoor sign types.

We like to say that Rebel Sign Company is a local sign resource with a national product line-up! That’s because we offer many options for exterior signs to our clients.

These outdoor signs include:

We also provide complete indoor sign and custom sign services to create a cohesive brand image.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

The Nicoma Park team at Rebel Sign Company is eager to assist you with your outdoor signage. We handle every aspect of your outdoor sign needs, whether you need an entire storefront designed, are looking to update an existing sign, or need an additional sign to help drive traffic for a special event, sale, or promotion. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, and look forward to assisting you with all of your current and future signage needs.

Reach out to us today at (405) 546-2733 to schedule your free consultation.